Tone Deaf Performs 6 Shows/Teaching Session in the Eagle Point and White City Area

On April 27th Tone Deaf performed 6 shows/teaching session in the Eagle Point and White City area.

We started the day at Eagle Point High School Choir Class with teacher Camille Kelly, we spent the entire period there, singing, teaching tags and fielding loads of questions from an enthusiastic class of budding musicians. They also sang to us!

Next, we followed Camille to eagle point middle school where we did a similar style shows for 2 of her classes. It was a younger crowd, so we did more singing and answered fewer questions.

Next, we went to Table Rock Elementary and did a 40-minute full assembly to the entire student body…. approx 400 kids!

Lastly, we headed to White Mountain Middle School where we again attended a choir class, followed by yet another full school assembly!

In all, we sing for about 1,000 kids and had a GREAT time. It was a LONG day and our voices were shot by the end of the day (6 shows about 6 hours!), but our hearts were filled with gratitude that we can share our love for our craft with the next generation of singers. What a great hobby we have!