Lytning Quartet

Lytning was created over 17 years ago by our guys, Jim Thorpe, Denny Hare, Herb Ottesen, and Bob Meisner who loved to sing. None of those four are still members. Jim (Bass) has been replaced by Mark Larsen, Denny (Lead) by Dick Ahern, Bob (Bari) by Charles Lane and Herb (Tenor) by Gene Coggins. So… There have been seven iterations of Lytning during those 17 years. We have always competed and three times have been named senior division champions. We are sort of proud of our senior status having a combined age of 320 years. We exist to entertain, primarily at retirement homes and an occasional birthday party or singing valentine. When the Harmonizers need a quartet, we try to step up and we try every year to get into the annual show. Another significant part of our reason to live is to share our skills with students in grade schools and high schools. We have conducted quartet classes at Hidden Valley high school for several years and there were 10 years when we volunteered at grade schools with the “Get America Singing Again” program.

If you would like us to sing for you, call Mark Larsen at 541-659-3738 or email at MNLarsen@