Sassy System

Put together thousands of man years of a Capella singing with the need to reach young people today and you get the Speedy A capella Song System (SASSY). Modern young people are receiving their music over the air using their choice of many personal players, and a Capella singing is popular. But, it takes the experience of singing to motivate most of them to learn to read music and the method must be fast, fun and effective. Young people want to sing the first time they hear a song they like.

A Capella close harmony presents the maximum challenge to achieve a beautiful result. SASSY allows all of the singers in a chorus or choir to hear their own parts prominent against a background of all the other parts, all in the same room at the same time when at first they hear the song. It is a wonderful experience free of any anxiety about pitch, tempo or diction. It has enabled classes to sing with confidence in a fraction of the time required for conventional preparation. It creates the joyful group experience of rapid, successful mastery of a song. It applies to all forms of singing.